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Finding meaning: An Existential Quest in Post-Modern Israel \ Edited by Ofra Mayseless and Pninit Russo-Netzer, Oxford University Press

This book presents a multidisciplinary academic inquiry into contemporary processes of the search for meaning in the Israeli cultural scene. It incorporates a conceptual framework for understanding the sociocultural Israeli context that facilitates and triggers such search processes. The volume includes theories, data-based insights, and illustrative case studies. The importance and benefits of meaning-making have recently gained a great deal of academic interest, and such processes are always pursued within specific cultural contexts that significantly affect and influence them. The pluralist and complex post-modern sociocultural context has challenged existing processes of continuity and certainty as well as the transmission of traditional patterns and thus created a void in individuals' meaning systems. The turbulent Israeli setting — characterized by salient existential threats, issues of identity, and dialectic worldviews — serves as a magnifying glass for unraveling a variety of significant ways through which the fundamental and universal human motivation to find meaning in life manifests itself in the contemporary post -modern world and within this distinct cultural context. The book offers new insights on the processes of search for meaning by suggesting a new construct — master narratives of meaning — that weaves together the personal and cultural contexts and by highlighting several key processes and dimensions that appear to characterize search for meaning in a post- modern era. By offering a broad perspective on such processes, this book offers promising insights that contribute to the study and application of our understanding of the intersection of cultural and personal aspects.

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Clinical Perspectives on Meaning: Positive and Existential Psychotherapy \ Edited by Pninit Russo-Netzer, Stefan E. Schulenberg, and Alexander Batthyany, Springer

This unique theory-to-practice volume presents far-reaching advances in positive and existential therapy, with emphasis on meaning-making as central to coping and resilience, growth and positive change. Innovative meaning-based strategies are presented with clients facing medical and mental health challenges such as spinal cord injury, depression, and cancer. Various populations and settings are considered, including substance abuse, disasters, group therapy, and at-risk youth. Contributors demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of meaning-making interventions by addressing novel findings in this rapidly growing and promising area. By providing broad international and interdisciplinary perspectives, it enhances empirical findings and offers valuable practical insights. Such a diverse and varied examination of meaning encourages the reader to integrate his or her thoughts from both existing and positive psychology perspectives, as well as from clinical and empirical approaches, and guides the theoretical convergence to a unique point of understanding and appreciation for the value of meaning and its pursuit. 

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Meaning in Positive and Existential Psychology \ Alexander Batthyany and Pninit Russo-Netzer, Springer

Meaning in Positive and Existential Psychology presents a broad overview of contemporary empirical research and theoretical work on the meaning/purpose in life construct from two perspectives - Positive psychology and Existential psychology. Although they may have common ground, these perspectives have only recently come into fruitful dialogue. They may, in fact, be viewed as more complementary than strictly opposing. Positive psychology's focus on human strengths tends to emphasize the brighter side of human functioning, whereas existential psychology, traditionally, tends to address the more unsettling aspects of human existence, such as guilt, suffering, and mortality. Despite their different approaches, both positive and existential psychology have come to view meaning and meaning awareness as central psychological (and philosophical) factors, relevant both for human striving and for human coping. This book provides a unique opportunity for discussing important conceptual and empirical issues in both positive and existential psychology fields. It stimulates discourse, debate and dialogue on the question of meaning within the frameworks of positive and existential psychology, and presents state-of-the-art research and theory of the current interdisciplinary discussion on meaning. 

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Meaning 360: Meaning Through the Seasons

A Guided Reflection Journal

Dr. Michael F. Steger and Pninit Russo-Netzer

This book gently guides readers through the seasons of a journey to a life of deeper meaning. We use poetry, photography, exercises, and reflections to inspire readers to explore numerous practical and impactful ways of learning about and living with wholehearted meaning and purpose. Tackling meaning can sometimes feel overwhelming, complex, and abstract, and the advice the is generally available can feel too trite, over-simplified, or even too specific to the particular person providing it. With this guided reflection journal you can take the right journey for you, where you are, right now, in your life. We weaved together lessons learned and effective practices from our decades at the very forefront of researching, teaching, leading workshops, and helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives. Begin your journey of meaning through the seasons with Meaning 360.

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Meaning in search of a human: A Guide to Finding Meaning in a Changing World According to Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy \ 

Dr. Pninit Russo-Netzer and David Maoz Israel   

Universal and deeply rooted questions of meaning in life are particularly relevant today: technological developments that have left humans alone in front of the screens, social instability, uncertainty and the recent outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic have intensified mental health challenges such as stress, anxiety, and depression. In doing so, they triggered fundamental existential questions: What does it mean to live? How do we want to live? Why do we live for? Logotherapy, based on the teachings of the Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl ("Man's search for meaning"), seeks to answer such questions by linking psychotherapy to meaning in life. Despite the immense popularity of Viktor Frankl and his teachings in Israel, and despite the status that logotherapy has gained around the world, there is almost no comprehensive and up-to-date literature that introduces this approach and its applications in-depth for therapists and anyone who is interested in existential questions of meaning in life. [HEBREW]  

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Children's book "Finding my voice"- A Children's book \ Osnat Shir-Vishinsky and Dr. Pninit Russo-Netzer 

Danny is afraid to talk in class. Each time he tries to speak in front of the other children, his voice disappears, and he can't say a word. Sad and frustrated he is going on an adventure, in which he meets wise and funny characters, each with its own advice on how to find his voice. In a fantastic world, Danny discovers his strengths, his virtues and courage.  "Finding my voice" is a first book in a series of books on topics that children and adults alike are concerned with, mediated through the concepts and ideas from positive psychology and logotherapy. The book also addresses parents and educators and offers applicable insights and tools for meaningful dialogue, which acknowledges their uniqueness and fosters their capability of expressing their authentic voice. [HEBREW] 

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"Connecting the dots" journal

The "Connecting the dots" journal is a space for self-observation and self-development towards a life of wholeness. To be whole and not perfect in a hectic world is a lifelong journey, which integrates key points and landmarks that reflect various life aspects, based on theoretical and empirical research from different fields. The journal accompanies the readers at each point to reflect, observe and explore, and eventually to make connections between these points to create a more whole and coherent picture of life. There are no right or wrong answers, there is only your unique journey.

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Existential authenticity in theory and in practic

Existential questions of freedom and meaning have accompanied humans since the dawn of time, but in today's world of frequent changes, multiple options, advanced technology, social networks and unprecedented material abundance, these questions become even more complex and pressing. Such processes have intensified the question of authenticity - who I really am and what is important to me in life, and are also responsible for increasing levels of stress, anxiety and loneliness in the world today.

Existential authenticity in theory and in practice introduces an original approach for counseling, psychotherapy and coaching, based on the principles of existential psychology, which treats the regulated encounter with stress and anxiety as a source of development and of finding meaning in life. The book is based on classic literature in the field, alongside innovative academic research which brings together theoretical principles of existential thinking and phenomenology into a practical and applied working model in everyday life and in therapy.


Existential authenticity in theory and in practic

This book draws on existential theory and original research to present the conceptual framework for an understanding of existential authenticity and demonstrates how this approach might be adopted in practice. The authors explore how a non-mediated connection with authentic lived experience might be established and introduced into everyday living. Drs. Jonathan Davidov and Pninit Russo-Netzer begin by introducing readers to the core theoretical concepts before illustrating how this might be applied in a therapeutic practice. It appeals to scholars and practitioners with an interest in existential psychology, phenomenology, and their broad implications


Master your destiny: A mindfulness-based meaning workbook

What makes life worth living? What makes you wake up in the morning or keeps you up at night? What is your "why"? This workbook was created to provide you with evidence-based practical activities and exercises to deepen your experience of meaning and purpose for yourself and others in your professional and personal circles. By integrating activities, insights, theories and practical knowledge from the fields of Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, and Meaning in life, this workbook is the first integration of mindfulness and meaning to allow you the life-changing experience of finding your personal purpose in life. The authors are world-renowned scholars in the areas of mindfulness, purpose, and other aspects of positive psychology. We invite you to a meaningful journey of reconnecting to your inner compass.

ערכת קלפים עם שאלות סוקרטיות להתבוננות 

פיתוח מקורי המאפשר מרחב לגילוי רמזי משמעות בחיינו והנתיב הייחודי שלנו, בעזרת 44 קלפי שאלות סוקרטיות ודף הנחיות.
הלוגותרפיה מכוונת להסב את תשומת לבו של האדם לפוטנציאל החירות הקיים בתוכו, פוטנציאל המאפשר לו להגיב לכל מצב, ובכל תנאי. יכולת הבחירה היא זאת שמאפשרת לאדם להגשים ערכים גם בנסיבות המאתגרות ביותר, גם אם כל שנותר לו הוא לבחור את היחס שלו כלפי מצבו, יש בכך מימוש של ערכים. פתיחות זו מדגישה את המעבר מתנאי הקיום החיצוניים להווייתו הפנימית של האדם. ברוח זו, הערכה בנויה על בסיס של נתיבים ובחירות בשבילי המשמעות, ובשביל המשמעות.
ערכה זו מיועדת לאנשי מקצוע, מטפלים, מאמנים, מנחי קבוצות ולקהל הרחב, ניתנת ליישום במפגשים פרטניים בטיפול, בעבודה חינוכית ובתהליכים פרטניים וקבוצתיים בארגונים. מומלץ גם לשימוש כתהליך גילוי אישי עצמי, כמו גם במסגרת אימון, במערכים קבוצתיים, בסדנאות ובהנחיית קבוצות.


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* Meaning-oriented perspectives on society

"It is a peculiarity of man that he can only live by looking to the future"

Viktor E. Frankl

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